INTUITION is an Entrepreneur's Best Friend ft. @ChaseJarvis

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Chase Jarvis is widely recognized as one of the most influential photographers of the last 20 years. He’s won awards for his images on 6 continents, including contributions to the Pulitzer Prize winning story SNOWFALL – the acclaimed New York Times interactive story heralded as the “future of journalistic story tellingโ€ and an EMMY nomination for his work documenting the music scene in Seattle.

In 2009 he created BEST CAMERA app – the first photo app to share images direct to social networks which was #1 on iTunes, app of the year for Wired Magazine, Macworld and the New York Times, AND helped kick off the global photo sharing craze.

He’s currently focused on his work as the founder and CEO of CreativeLive the worlds largest live-streaming education company, with millions of students around the world and more than 2 billion minutes consumed on the platform.

You can learn more about Chase at in addition to CreativeLive’s website at

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10 thoughts on “INTUITION is an Entrepreneur's Best Friend ft. @ChaseJarvis

  1. Intuition comes to the entrepreneur first when they have the epiphany that they want to be an entrepreneur, due to an idea that truly resonates with them. Intuition comes again once the entrepreneur has dedicated more time to their idea, in which they have gathered a large amount of data to support and grow their idea. I believe having accurate and well-supported information helps make intuition more obtainable for the entrepreneur when faced with a certain problem or task.

    My epiphany happened when I was having to quickly solve a problem in a short amount of time, and that is when my intuition kicked in and said “Go start a business to solve my problem.” After awhile I had gathered immense information, everything from economic impact reports to top industry magazine articles. That information lead to me to significant instances where intuition directed me down new roads.

  2. Wow! That was awesome! I had no idea who chase Jarvis was. I’m for sure watching the 30 days of genius! It’s inspiring to hear that Chase branched out to different businesses. I feel we are similar in the sense I teach beginner surf lessons but also turned into a HAWAII influencer who live streams paradise in MAUI HAWAII! Thank you Evan for sharing!

  3. I’ve taken some classes at creative live, photo, they are well worth it!
    Dont agree with this we will all have 5 jobs at the same time in the future, as you need to focus to become a master in something, but still, Chase is building something really great with CreativeLive. Thanks for this interview Evan, keep rockin!

    For anyone interested in photography, check out his 2h conversation with Zack Arias

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