Millionaire vs Minimum Wage: Ultimate Money Advice to Succeed In Life

A Simple Strategy to Rapidly Grow Your List (Hint: It’s Right Under Your Nose)

This week I just wanted to share a very simple piece of information because it is… well… Simple and I love simple! I could go onto make jokes about my partner, but I won’t!

Micro-Entrepreneurs Help to Rebuild Haiti

Last week, I spent time in Haiti as I have done often to help in the ongoing recovery efforts that have been continuing since the devastating 2010 earthquake. I recognize the world has suffered tragedies since this particular earthquake four years ago, however, it is important for global citizens to continue to support the rebuilding even after the media has moved on to report on other global issues. The fact of the matter is that long after the global community has focused on something else and philanthropic efforts have declined, those affected by a disaster such as…

Follow Up and Succeed or Fall Behind and Miss Your Opportunity

The importance of following up in the business world is critical for startup companies. Taking the extra time and effort to ensure that a potential customer knows your product will be the difference in success and failure.

How To Create Content Your Audience Wants To Read

Coming up with topics and content for newsletters, ezines, social media and blog posts can be challenging. Here are some ways to create content your audience wants and is actually asking for.

May I Have My Shirt Back Please?

Everyone who has ever even thought about starting a business has asked themselves at least one question. Whether our business would require us to purchase inventory, equipment, advertising, training, or any of a thousand other items necessary for success, we’ve all had to ask ourselves, “Where am I going to get the money to get my business off the ground?” The answer to this question can mean the difference between comfortably repaying a reasonable loan or begging someone to return the shirt they took off your back because it was the only collateral you had left.

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